Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Saturday.

First of all I want to say thank you all for  your good wishes this last week. Let me tell you what happened that got me so upset. Three  weeks ago I had my mammogram taken and last week I heard that there was something wrong . I had to go to the hospital and get an echo and x rays taken again.  They definitely saw something not right on the photo’s so I had a biopsy, not fun,  last Monday. This morning the doctor told me everything was alright so I am doing a happy dance like the couple on the photo.    Believe me, these weeks were not nice.

Now these other photo’s are old ones but I hope we can see these spring colors very soon. Weather is getting better they tell us.

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Madelief said...

Lieve Riet,

Ik ben zo ontzettend blij voor je! Wat fijn dat de uitslag goed is. Wat moeten het spannende dagen voor je zijn geweest. Nu gelukkig met een heerlijk gevoel het weekend in. Geniet ervan!

Liefs van Madelief x

Willy said...

Riet, dat is een hele opluchting voor je, na die spannende weken van onzekerheid. Fijn weekend, lieve groet

Home and Lifestyle said...

Wat heb je een ellendige tijd achter de rug, het geeft zoveel spanning! Wat ben ik blij dat alles goed is en wat stap je na zo'n goede uitslag dan opgelucht naar buiten hè?!

Geniet van je weekend! Lieve groet, Ingrid

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wonderful news. Yes,a happy dance is in order.

June said...

Oh what a relief this is to hear dear friend!!! I am so, so happy that is was found out to be okay and that you will be alright. I know it must have been such a worrying time for you and your family.
Your springy photos have me getting excited to see our grass again. Last week we got another 10 inches of snow, but this week the weather is supposed to warm up and maybe it will melt quickly :)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend dearest Riet.
many hugs...

Lynne said...

I would be doing a happy dance too. Perfect news to be feeling "in the pink!". Wonderful Riet . . .

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Wonderful happy news Riet.

I know you must have been very worried.
What a relief.... great.

Have a great week and a great month of March, you can happy dance all you like now!!!

x Fiona

Anita said...

Oh lieve Riet dit had ik helemaal niet meegekregen. Wat ontzettend fijn dat de uitslag goed is. Pfff wat een spanning! In gedachten maak ik samen met jou even een vreugdesprongetje. Op naar een mooie LENTE week :-)
Groetjezz lfs mij

"Création" said...

SUPER lieverd, wat ben ik
ontzettend blij voor je met dit geweldig goede bericht.
Wat zal je in spanning hebben
gezeten de afgelopen weken.
Wat zal je vannacht slapen als een roosje.

Geniet van een heerlijk ontspannen weekend lief meissie...

Veel liefs,

klaproos said...

de bloesem in de bomen riet....
nog héél even wachten en dan is het weer zover:-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Thank you for sharing your health scare with us Riet. I think a lot of us have had the same scare at some time. I know I did 2 times but all was well. I'm so happy that you are well. Beautiful mosaic for Pink Saturday. Keep doing your happy dance! Blessings. Pamela

Dorothy said...

Oh my! I'm glad you got through that okay. I think I'll join you in your Happy Dance!! Great pictures. Love the dancing couple and the flowering trees!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I' m so happy for you, Riet! That was quite a scare! I'm glad you go for mammograms as that is the best way to detect any problems early!

Juliëtte said...

Ach, lieve schat wat een narigheid!!
Maar wat ben ik blij dat de uitslag goed is!!

Veel liefs, Juliëtte

biebkriebels said...

Wat een nare tijd inderdaad, dat is schrikken! Gelukkig is alles goed, wat een opluchting. Ik heb erg genoten van Rotterdam laatst, de ruimte en de vele kunst in de straten en de prachtige musea. Je struikelt er niet zo over de toeristen als in Amsterdam.

Thuis bij Tjits said...

Wat een opluchting Riet, geen wonder dat je een rondedansje gemaakt hebt:)

fijn weekend,
lieve groet van Tjits

Dianne said...

I am so glad the final news was good although you had to suffer waiting

beautiful photos
love the trees

greet's foto's said...

wat een mooie rozen Riet,
ja gelukkig gaan we weer naar het mooie weer,alles goed met jullie,zelf kom ik niet zoveel op de computer,lieve groetjes greet

Riet said...

Wat fijn Riet met zo goed bericht.
Je foto,s zijn prachtig.
En we krijgen weer zon,daar knap een mens echt van op.
Veel sterkte verder.

Liefs Riet.

Jesh St Germain said...

What a relief for you that everything is okay physically! Am surprised at the blooming trees! It has ben so cool in California, that they finally started blooming 2 weeks ago (usually in Januari!)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Riet
That is such heart warming news - I wondered what was wrong.
I'm doing a "happy dance" for you too!!!
Such sweet pink roses - it won't be long now and where you are will be in full bloom.
I'm sending grateful hugs that you're ok
Shane ♥

Tami Von Zalez said...

Our plum tree just broke bud today. I'll have to capture that ~

Popped in from Pink Saturday.

MyCraftyLIttlePage said...

Looks like paradise, Reit! So beautiful. xo Nancy

Ruth said...

That's good news! Too bad you had to go through that. My DIL had a similar experience, but they cleared her before she had to get a biopsy. Lovely tulips! I saw some blooming here yesterday.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Riet. I am visiting late this week. I was reading your comments and I did not know you had a health scare. I feel so bad that I haven't known what you were going through. I am thankful you are relieved that you will be fine. I know I haven't heard from you lately.

Your photos remind me that spring won't be long coming. I am so ready. I trimmed my roses back and some other plants. I hope they will grow in to pretty bushes quickly. They look so sad.

A thankful prayer is being said for your good news.
Love, Jeanne

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh gosh Riet -- I'm reading backwards as I've gotten a bit have had some anxious times.. this was really hard! I am so glad that it was a false alarm....but sorry that you had to go through that awful wait.