Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter.

Yes, I know. It has been a long time . I just didn’t feel like blogging.
Probably more people feel like that one time or another.
But I have been doing lots of other things.
The other day we went for  a drive in the country and made these photo’s . I think perfect for Easter and spring.
10-Onlangs bijgewerkt154

A beautiful old windmill and some of the cold new ones.

Yes, it’s me!

a lovely little colored lamb following the old ones.

What a beauty!

I am just looking, no worries.

Following the leader. There even is a black lamb.
The beautiful old Townhall in a little village called Klundert. It was built in 1621.

Happy Easter.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monday Tuesday.

Yes I know I haven’t been around much but sometimes life gets in the way. And I have been really busy.First of all two of our grandchildren had their birthday party . As you can see on the photo’s Megan is sweet sixteen now and Mike did become eleven. Megan did bake her own birthday cake, not this one but one simular like this one on the photo. It was beautiful and delicious.That was eaten by about 30 of her friends and they loved it.

Megan also started her own blog . Here is the link
Today she is showing her own made birthday cake. Could you please commen and maybe follow her?

Then I also was very busy with my new found hobby. Making quilts. I did stop some years ago , started again last year and now I have been taking lessons once more. I did write about it in my other blog :

And today we went for a walk in our neighborhood. We have full spring here and in every garden everything is in full bloom.So beautiful. Good for some nice pictures.
4-Onlangs bijgewerkt153

1-Onlangs bijgewerkt152

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday, Tuesday.

Last week on a beautiful sunny day we went to visit  family in an other part of the country, North Holland.
Here a little impression of what we saw on our way. Dutch countryside.
The deer were in a little park near their home in Alkmaar. The farm( on the left) with the pointed roof is typical for that part of the country. The very old house on the right has what we call a step-roof
1-Onlangs bijgewerkt149

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skywatch Friday.


Sorry I have not been around lately but sometimes that happens. No inspiration at all.

But spring is coming, the weather is getting nicer and nicer and I feel better already.

Let me show you what makes my days lately. These beautiful sunrises, almost every day, just before breakfast.

I hope there are not too many photo’s but I couldn’t choose and they didn’t look nice in a collage.

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This last one was sundown last night.


Sunday, February 23, 2014



Today is the last day of the Olympic Wintergames. Didyou watch the games?

We have seen young people fighting for medals in all sorts of wintersports. Holland is a country with many iceskaters and this year we had several champions , going for gold, silver and bronze. All together they won 24 medals and that  many was a record, unbelievable for such a small country as ours. We are all so proud

We saw it all on TV and here I have a few photo’s to show you.



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Sunday, February 16, 2014



Most years in mid February it is real winter here. Not this time. We hardly had any frost at night and no snow at all. I can tell you, I don’t really mind.

Because of me having had a bit of a flu I had to get into my files again. These photo´s were made in January and February 2012.I love the colors  of the lovely crocuses and the beautiful blue hyacinths.

The geese in the park were fed  another time when we  were there for a walk.There was lots of ice and snow then.

1-even naar Barendrecht1


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Sunday, February 9, 2014


On one of our cruises we visited the beautiful and incredible city of Istanbul. One of the cities I would love to visit again. I have a few photo’s from  our far too short visit.
There is this giant Grand Bazaar with its heart in the old town. It has 4000 (yes) shops under one roof and 65 alleys connecting all of them in a disorienting conglomeration where you easily can get lost. It is a small city into itself, a giant puzzle.
There  are almost 3000 mosks and the skyline of Istanbul is punctuated by their minarets, large and small.
I will tell more about our trip another time.
Sailing on the Bosphorus also known as the Istanbul Strait. Looking at Istanbul.

Hundreds of different spices in the Grand bazaar. That smell was unbelievable  and doesn’t the look of it make you want to buy  just anything.

Grand Bazar

Grand bazaar where you can buy just about anything.



Minarets everywhere.

11-cruise 29

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