Sunday, August 10, 2014

still more trip photo’s.



One more set of photo’s from that beautiful little part of our country just north of Amsterdam.

Today back to Durgerdam .




This lovely building once used to be a school and a townhall. These days it is a home that you can rent for a lot of money , but then of course you have something very special and directly at the lake.



Houses along the dyke.

Lots of blue in this post for Blue Monday with Smiling Sally.



So good to be on your bike on a sunny day .





More old houses and look at the front , these two neighbors both have a rabbit cage in their front garden.

and on the other side of the street you see this, down here


What better to dry your goods than sun and wind.




And what a view these people have when sitting in their front gardens.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

More summer trip.


Last Sunday we visited our friends who have a summerhouse in a tiny lovely little village called Holysloot . There is only one street there and most of the houses are situated at the water. It is quiet and serene there and what is so special it is only a few miles north from busy city Amsterdam.

Wonderful to be there.





This is a bike and hikers ferry and as you can see it was a beautiful day.








The end of a beautiful day.

Reflections in every photo.


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Last Sunday we visited our friends who have a summer house in the country just outside the city of Amsterdam. On our way there we visited a lovely little village called Durgerdam that is stretched along a dyke at the lake IJmeer part of the IJsselmeer lake.




Nothing better than sun and wind for drying the laundry.



Just watching



and there it is




Beautiful weather for sailing on the lake.



so nice and peaceful.



Resting behind the dyke.


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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cute animals.

A few months ago while walking in a large furniture store I saw these cute colorful animals. They were too expensive for my purse or I would have bought that one super dog. I love those colors.


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday, Tuesday.

After a couple of very, very hot days today was cooler so we went for a drive and a walk in our local park. This is what we saw.

11-wandeling  schollebos




Ladies lace.

















First thought they had big dogs but they were walking their ponies. ))



Such a beauty.



the ferryman.




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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maastricht #1


About three months ago we visited the city of Maastricht and some little villages around it in the south  of the Netherlands , the province of Limburg.The weather was lovely so good to look around and make photo’s.





In probably every little village in the south is a huge Roman Catholic church and you know, I love churches.







a lovely park next to the church.









This is the castle where the world famous violinist André Rieu   lives with his family. It is situated on the mountain “St Pietersberg”

I suppose you have heard of him. He travels all over the world with his orchestra.



These sculptures are so lovely. Saw them in another village. Sorry I don’t remember their names.



Many houses in Holland have these plant pots on the windowsills. In April it was violets now it often is geraniums.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The cruise ship.

People ask me what it is like on a cruise and how it is on a ship. I have some photo’s here of the interior. Every ship has a theme, at least the Costa ships, and this ship’s theme is music. So almost all decorations are about music.
They also ask what you do all day, doing nothing and being lazy? Kind of boring? That is what you can do but there is so much to do on a cruise. First, the ship sails at night, embarks in the morning and provides for several different excursions in the city where you are during that day. You also can go off board and go for a walk or a taxiride, whatever you like. In the evening the ship sails again to another port.
On days that the ship sails because there is a long distance to the next port there are workshops, shows, dancing lessons, cardclubs and a nice quiet library . Also different shops and sales to look around and get souvenirs.
There are several pools , lounges, bars, a casino and lots of food most of the day. Sitting dinners at night. So nobody has to get bored. I am sure I must have forgotten something .

14-ja cruise oostzee10



one of the lifeboats. We had instructions on the first day before the ship left the harbor.

all about music also the steps

one of the lounges, music again.

Main bar, photo taken from the glass lift.

Husband looking if it safe enough.

Lots to do for the kiddies. Parents go on an excursions and special trained people are taking care of the kids. How nice is that.

Art in the lifts.


The library, aren’t those doors beautiful?

One of the pools.

Outside pool on the top deck,so much fun .

One of the corridors. I took this photo in the middle of the ship, so behind me was the same long walk.
This ship is about 300 meters long so very long walks to your cabin several times a day. Keeps us going.

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