Sunday, September 27, 2015


As you might know we went on  a cruise in July to the Baltic sea.Our first stop was the beautiful city  of Kopenhagen. We have been there before but visited other places this time. Let me show you.

Thse little houses were built around 1630 for navy personel. They were very wel kept and still houses navy and army personel. Of course updated but still...

This is called new harbour and I love these colorfull houses.

This little train is bringing visitors to the Little Mermaid, known from the Hans Christian Anderson tales.

And here she is,so lovely.

And this 8 km long bridge was new to me, it connects the city of Kopenhagen with the city of Malmo in Sweden. It was built in 2000.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

More country.

More photo's from our trips through the country.

                                                                           Good  fences.

Weekend reflections.
Lunch in a lovely restaurant.

Friends garden.

Skywatch Friday.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Visiting Schagen.

On our way to visiting family we found another lovely old city called Schagen.Beautiful church and  beautiful old houses and what fun, there was some celebrating that day. A little choir in sort of old costumes was singing old farmers songs.( I think)  Afterwards they had fun dancing and enjoying themselves. To give you an idea here some photo's

Most of these old houses were redecorated.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


A few weeks ago we visited family in North Holland and on our way there we found a beautiful little town called Zaandijk.

I made some photo's and I am going to show them of course.

good fences

                                                                        Weekend reflections.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yes, I did it. I am back.

Yes, I did it.

Thanks to my dear friend Josephine ( http://frajobo.blogspot.nl/)  I am back in  blogging again. She told me to go  try Google Chrome because Internet explorer doesn't work wel with Blogger. And it works. I am so glad because I started to miss the blogging. I tried so many time to post with my photo's and it just didn't work.

This is a photo from our last cruise. It was.made in Kopenhagen.

I am ging to post more about it  in my next posts but I have to get it all organised first.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

This and that.

When going through  photo's from  our latests trip I thought I'd show you  these .

Mural in Apeldoorn.
isn't he beautiful?
This is a cutwindow of Erasmus , the most famous pupil ever of the Latinschool in the city of Deventer.
This is a little pancake restaurant near Apeldoorn. See the collection of all these little childrens chairs hanging on the wall? So cute.
This shop was selling all this window stuff. Two more photo's to come.
Memories. Such a great shop .
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Deventer, beautiful old city.

Last week we visited another beautiful old city called Deventer. I made lots of photo's so I am going to make more than one post about it. I would have made more but they were building a great  big fair on that beautiful old square so there were several buildings , as also the big church that I couldn't get on a photo as a whole. I hope to go back there some day to see more .


This is the Libuineschurch built around 1500 . I will show photo's from the inside in my next post.

Isn't this fun?

Isn't this beautiful.
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