Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday'.

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by Susan from "A Southern daydreamer" Thank you Susan.
I am sorry to say that I don´t have many outdoor pictures lately. I have difficulty walking because of a hurting heelspur.
These pictures are taken from the car. When you are on the road in this country you always see bikes. That is typically Dutch. So here two more pictures with bikes.

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Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Wonderful photos!!! Would love to see more :)

ellen b said...

Hi Riet! Love the country lane with the bicyclist! Very nice. That poor bike on the bridge looks a little bent :0)

Donnie said...

Lovely photos. Hope your heel gets better soon.

Jane said...

Hi Riet!
I love your photos, today. That country lane...with the row of trees...is wonderful.
Jane (Artfully graced)

LV said...

Even with the pain of the spur, you found some very nice outdoor shots.

June said...

Hello dear Riet,
What a lovely road to travel. Your colors are still just gorgeous there. I loved the post of your friends country house! I am so glad you were able to share that with us.
I do hope your heelspur gets better soon.
I have been wanting to tell you how much I love the picture of you on your blog. Just beautiful!
hugs from here...

Atticmag said...

Your country is so beautiful. Jane F

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Even from the car, your photos are lovely. I hope you are up and walking well soon.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Luna Miranda said...

oh, so beautiful! i wish all our streets here are lined with trees.

Fluitenkruid said...

Ik hoop maar dat die mooie bomen in de eerste foto overeind blijven, het schijnt morgen echt te gaan stormen.

klaproos said...

goeiemorgen riet,
een feest van gele vonken in de lucht,
machtig seizoen is de herfst hé

Carol said...

My husband was in the NEtherlands last week for a conference. He enjoyed the countryside and the bikes :)

Madelief said...

Hoi Riet,

Wat een mooie nieuwe foto van jou rechts bovenin op je blog! Wat vervelend dat je zo'n last hebt van hielspoor. Ik hoop dat je snel weer opknapt, want met je benen omhoog zitten is niet leuk.

Sterkte & lieve groet,


"Création" said...

Inderdaad echt typisch Nederlands de fietsen, de foto's zijn toch erg mooi gewoden ondanks ze uit de auto zijn genomen.

Het beste met je hielspoor Riet, gaat dat nog wel over??? Sterkte ermee.

Lieve groet, Josephine

Andrea said...

Hi i am new here and i've never been to Holland either. I always associate Holland not only with windmills but with tulips, and these i first found in Sweden. your autumn photos are beautiful, which i might not be able to see anymore in this lifetime. thanks.

JEANNE said...

Hello Riet, I hope you don't think I have forgotten you. Life is just busy for us and we have had so much company. Our huge family loves to see Fall in the mountains, so we have lots of loved ones here in the Fall. We also go to Florida for the University of Florid football games. Along with two of our daughters and their husbands, we have season tickets. It is a days drive to Florida from here. Sigh! We have a game this weekend and then we won't be going again this year. Anyway finding computer time is hard.

I always enjoy your photos. Riding bikes is a great exercise but not good here in our mountain roads. As always your photos are always lovely to see. I trust your new location is agreeing with you.

Happy Outdoor Weds.
Hugs, Jeanne

THEA said...

Hoi Riet,

Wat een prachtige herfstbeelden zijn dat.
Het gaat nu snel he, de bladeren vliegen van de bomen.

Ik zie een mooie nieuwe foto...leuk!!

Groetjes van Thea

Oma Nijn's Country Huis said...

uit de auto of niet.. ze zijn mooi.
en Ja echt Nederlandse plaatjes met de fietsen,ook je vorige foto,op de boerderij.doet mij aan vroeger denken.lieve en zonnige groetjes GREET

*Ulrike* said...

Both of those photos make me want to head back to Germany to travel and see all of these wonderful places.