Sunday, February 14, 2016


We haven'd had much winter till this weekend. It has been snowing in some  parts of our country but not much to talk about really. Over here in the western part we just had some wet snow yesterday. .We did have a lot of rain and wind for weeks though.
 Of course we still can get a late winter but I'd rather think about spring.

We Dutch like to talk about the weather, too much rain, or wind or cold or hot.There is always something we don't like. LOL. How is that in your country?

 As I haven't made many photo's lately I got back to my trustworthy computer.
I found a collage in my maps from a few years ago that makes me feel  happy.

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Yvonne said...

Ja, het is ook nooit goed met het weer hier volgens ons hè Riet? Te koud, te nat of te droog en te warm.....we moeten het er maar mee doen. Ik kijk wel uit naar de Lente moet ik zeggen, laten je foto's maar een voorbode zijn!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Riet
It was lovely to see your name pop up for Blue Monday.
Hope everything is well with you.
Wonderful photos as always.
Happy Blue Monday.

Peter Veen said...

Ha wat grappig en je hebt gelijk! sneeuw hier : ))))))

Lammetjes, ja ik heb ze alweer gezien en ik wacht met smart op het voorjaar!

Leuke foto's Riet!

Lieve groet van Pink

SmilingSally said...

Hi Riet,

Ooo, those blue blooms are pretty.

I think that people always talk about the weather; I know I do. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

biebkriebels said...

Ja het weer blijft ons bezig houden deze winter. Gisteren meer als een uur in de natte sneeuw gereden naar jouw Rotterdam en weer terug 's avonds met de sneeuw en wind recht voor ons!

Cranberry Morning said...

Beautiful collage. I think we all love looking at those kinds of things. Yes, we talk about the weather here too, as I did in today's post. But I think that's a good sign. In countries where people are struggling to survive, there are not many complaining about the weather. :-)

eileeninmd said...

Hello Riet, we have had some cold winter weeks lately. Lots of snow and cold temperatures. I love your mosaic with the cute sheep. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Kom Achterom said...

ooh wat een heerlijk plaatje zo echt lente voorbode! ik heb genoten
fijne dag

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

What a lovely mosaic of beautiful scenic shots! :)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A lovely collage of spring with fragrant flowers and baby lambs.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hello Riet! That is a happy collage ... Makes me smile too! We all talk about the weather a lot! In Oregon, we complain about the rain, but worry when it has been dry for too long. In Florida, usually people are talking about the bad weather where they are from ... And how glad they are to be missing all the snow! But I must tell you that this winter here has been wetter and cooler than usual. It is, they say, because it is an El Niño year.

Donna said...

I love the images of is cold and snowy here!

and LivingFromHappiness

Josephine said...

Heerlijke beelden lieverd, de lammetjes en de
hyacinten, YESssssssssssss we willen lente!!!

Wat grappig te lezen dat er bijna overal veel
over het weer wordt gesproken, ik dacht altijd
dat alleen Nederlanders daar over zeuren.
Wat het ook is het is bijna nooit goed, hihihi

Maar............wat denk je wij hier in het noorden
hebben al dagen een blauwe lucht en veel zon, heerlijk.
Maar ondanks dat verlang ik toch wel erg naar dat de
jas weer in de kast kan, de kousen uit en de open
schoentjes weer aangetrokken kunnen worden.

De natuur laat al veel voorjaar zien, we gaan de goede kant op.

Geniet van een heerlijke week, met wat voor weer dan ook.

veel liefsssss,

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful captures of Spring!! Just what I needed to see today!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty, Riet!! Have a great week!!

21 Wits said...

Hello and greetings! What lovely images for spring, the colors are stunning! I'm ready for spring to begin too.

Fun60 said...

Spring is on its way. Your photos sum up everything that I enjoy about Springtime.

Home and Lifestyle said...

Van je foto's krijg ik meteen weer de lentekriebels, ik kijk er zo naar uit! Heerlijk wanneer straks alles weer in bloei komt en we weer buiten kunnen gaan leven.

Een fijne week, Riet. Liefs, Ingrid

LV said...

Glad you were able to join the blue gang today.

genie said...

This is one of those colleges that really does make us happy in the middle of winter. We got 9 inches last nite and 1/4 of inch due tonite. It is so cold. Loved the pictures. Stay warm.

Photo Cache said...

As I went around this weekend, I saw signs of spring all over the neighborhood in the beautiful spring flowers.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful spring like pictures.

xinex said...

Wonderful photos! Very tranquil...Christine

Mary Howell Cromer said...

I love little lambs and sheep and the flowers are so pretty. I hope that you are doing well~

June said...

The collage made me very, very happy dear Riet! I love sheep, and there is nothing that says spring more than frolicking lambs. Your collage blog header is so beautiful and made me sigh when your blog page came up on my screen. Thank you for that lift in spirits today!

We are the same here about the weather. Every conversation starts out with the weather.
We have also had a lot of wind (no rain) and it has howled for days. It took our 3' of snow and turned it into 1'. My husband is pretty sad about it too, because he still had many places he wanted to go ride his snowmobile :)))
Today the wind is just a gentle breeze and the temps are very mild and it feels so good to go out into the sunshine.
I hope to finish painting my living room this morning and start the kitchen. The painting is taking longer than I thought it would, but it will get done before I have to start cleanup in the garden! The house looks like a bomb went off in it and the table is piled high with things from the eating on our laps over here :)))
sending much love your way...

Pamela Gordon said...

HI Riet. Nice to see your post today and your thoughts of spring. I love seeing sheep out in the pasture. Talking about the weather is very common here even to strangers in the checkout line. Our winter has been up and down with temperatures and not as much snow as last winter, thankfully. We are mild at 8 this evening with a rain storm moving in so our snow will melt down a lot more. Have a great week. Pam

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Riet

I think people talk about the weather in the USA as much as your country. It is very different here in different places, from hot to cold. Everyone think where I live in Colorado is always cold, but we often have warm weather in winter and the sun shines 300 days of the year!

Spring will be here soon. I enjoyed seeing your pretty collage.

Annesphamily said...

I think we all chat about the weather everywhere! I am a Colorado native and I can tell you we can have snow one minute and bright sunny skies the next. A friend visiting me from California one year long ago was mortified that we had rain, hail, sleet and sunshine in a 30 minute time frame! She had experienced earthquake but the hail rattled her! My girlfriend who grew u in Golden, Colorado always had the best weather stories. One year, we were having a Princess House show at her home and the hail came so hard and quick that the next thing we saw were snow plows moving all that hail! That is a priceless memory I have. Golden, COlorao is noted for bringing in the snow plows to remove icy hail in the Spring and Summer.
Your photos are always so beautiful and I am happy I was able to stop by. Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing.

Madelief said...

Mooie foto's Riet. Ik plaats in de wintermaanden ook regelmatig foto's die ik eerder heb gemaakt. Je hebt groot gelijk.

Dank je wel nog voor je leuke berichtje op mijn blogpost. Ik had jou ook ingeschat als een hoedendraagster :-)! Leuk!

Fijne avond!

Madelief x

Aritha V. said...

Prachtig die foto's van jou. De kleuren en het onderwerp.

Anonymous said...

Hello Riet, we love your blog. Well done! We are in the UK at the moment. Not much Spring out here yet. We have in total seven grandchildren, not together though. As there are no grandchildren yet, we explore the World as Grey World Nomads. Our blog is

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

We haven't had much of a winter here in the northeastern US, either. Spring came very early, and then disappeared for a couple of weeks, but now it's back! Yes, we talk a whole lot about the weather here, too!

Jeanne said...

Hello Riet, It has been too long since I came over to say hello. I think American's like to talk about the weather too. Smile. I see it has been a while since you have posted. I hope all is well with you and yours. I see you linked to Blue Monday as well. Come back to Blue Monday. I am enjoying doing it in Sally's honor. I miss her very much.

Have a wonderful week and happy belated Mother's Day.

June said...

I love it when you post photos of whatever you see, whenever you see it dear friend! Of course you know that sheep and especially lambs are my favorites!!! Oh, the blue of those grape hyacinths!!
much love....

Home and Lifestyle said...

Lieve Riet, ik wens je een voorspoedig herstel en ik hoop dat je er gauw weer op uit kunt met de camera! Want dat is toch iets wat wij heel graag doen! Liefs, Ingrid

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hello Riet! I thought of you today for some reason and hope you are well. I realized I hadn't seen a post from you for quite some time. Just wanted you to know and thought I'd drop by to say hello.

Linda said...

Riet, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. I hope things are going well with you.

sattakingplaybazaar said...
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