Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mosaic and Blue Monday


Last week we have been away for a few days visiting family and seeing some of the sights in a different part of the country. First we visited the Zaanse Schans, a museum village on the river Zaan. I start with wooden shoes from the wooden shoes factory. You can see some of the many,many different ones. Also behind glass some beautiful antique clogs, even pairs for brides, Imagine wearing these on your wedding day. I made lots of pictures on our trip so these following days I will show a lot of different sights.

2010-07-30 Zaanse Schans

And for Blue Monday I chose some blue pairs.2010-07-30 Zaanse Schans1

For more mosaics go to Mary's blog.

For more blue go to Sallies blog.


klaproos said...

ohhh riet,
jij hebt vast ook op klompje gelopen hier,

gezellig dat de brabantse muziek erbij gaat spelen:-)

slaap lekker

sissie said...

Hi Riet,
I love the wooden shoes. Although I can't imagine wearing them! LOL.
When I lived in Belgium I remember seeing some of the older people wearing them.

Great photo mosaic.


willy said...

Leuk al die gekleurde klompen. Ik ben er nog nooit geweest, wordt toch eens tijd. Lijkt me leuk om al die oude klompen te zien. Zie al mooie exemplaren staan.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those shoes are lovely enough to use as an ornament in the house.
Thanks for sharing them.

eileeninmd said...

Riet, wonderful photos of the wooden shoes. They would love very pretty as an oranment. I could not imagine wearing them.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful mosaic with footwear. Lovely variety and colors.

Vee said...

Wooden shoes have always fascinated me. My mother has a pair given to her by a WWII soldier returning home from the Netherlands.( He was her neighbor when she was a child.) When I was little, I loved those shoes and still do. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Dishesdone said...

Love the wooden shoes! Such pretty colors! The big orange one looks so much fun :)

Snap said...


What a fun post! All those wonderful wooden shoes and the colors!!! Great!

A New England Life said...

That's a lot of shoes! Do you think anyone really wears them? I mean wooden shoes ... really? LOL!

Wonderful, colorful mosaics Riet!

Chatelaine said...

Wow, some of those clogs are so ornate. They are all beautiful! And I thought all clogs were either red or natural wood color!

Mary Lou said...

Great colors for the clogs. I had a pair in the 70s but not quite like yours. I liked the mosaic.

June said...

Hello dear Riet,
I hope you had a wonderful time away with family. I see that you were able to get some lovely pictures of your outings. I love this mosaic of the shoes. There's so many wonderful colors and pattern to choose from. I think the wedding shoes are my favorites though.

Rick said...

... catching up on blogs

Lovely photos of (almost) the first 'shoes' I wore in my life. I can remember as a very young boy going to the klompmaker to have my klompen repaired with a thin wire - they had a crack in the middle - tightening the wire pulled the crack back together. And when the bottoms finally got too thin, I got a new pair.

Thanks for bringing back the memories Riet. Fijne week!

Jackie said...

Beautiful clogs Riet , more ornamental now I think, although I know some Dutch people do still wear them I know that they were worn in the UK" The clog was a comfortable and cheap form of footwear, with alder soles, ideal for these industrial workers in the Victorian period. It was especially important to have this hardwearing footwear in the cotton mills, because the floors would be damp, to create a humid environment for the spinning process".They also use them for dancing, 'the clog dance'in the 19th century!!

Hope you enjoyed your few days away. How is the moving process going?

Jackie in UK

Boom Nisanart said...

Great Photos !
Happy Blue Monday : )

Everyday Melbourne

Maggie B said...

Great pix as always, the little blue money box clogs are adorable.

Marja Visscher said...

Dag Riet,
Wat een lekkere Hollandse bijdrage en wat een mooie klompen zitten er bij. Die blank houten die zo prachtig zijn uitgesneden, wat een juweeltjes. Die waren toch zeker wel duur. Of zou het geen handwerk meer zijn?
Heb jaren, als ik de honden uitliet op van die gele klompen gelopen en heb er door de jaren heen heel veel versleten. Het was heerlijk, wanneer ik met de honden over de modderige polderwegen en in de boomgaarden liep had ik nooit natte voeten en altijd lekker warm, krantje onderin en van die zwarte leren slofjes die ik thuis bij het uitrekken van de klompen als pantoffels aan had. De klompen kocht ik destijds nog bij een klompenmaker in Westmaas. Die oude baas is inmiddels overleden. Ben benieuwd naar je volgende klompenbijdrage.
Fijne dag nog en lieve groet, Marja

SmilingSally said...

Ah, memories! I wanted to buy a pair of wooden shoes when we traveled to Holland, but they were too costly.

Happy Blue Monday, Riet.

Pondside said...

It sounds like you had a nice little break!
I have a pair of wooden shoes that my parents bought in 1959 when we visited the Netherlands, and then another pair from the 80's when we lived on the Dutch/German border. I could be tempted to buy another pair like the blue polka-dotted ones!

LV said...

What a wonderful trip this would have been for me. Glad you were able to see all the great sights of this area. I loved all the wooden shoes.

Madelief said...

Hoi Riet,

Dit klinkt als een gezellig uitje! Heb je zelf ook nog klompen meegenomen? Ze schijnen ideaal te zijn om mee in de tuin te werken, maar ook om zo neer te zetten zijn ze mooi!

Fijne avond!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Manang Kim said...

We have Holland, Michigan and every year they have Tulips Festival and that's where I first see how they made the Dutch shoes. Very well intricately made so awesome. Happy Monday!

Blueberry Lane

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous mosaic..I really like your blog..hope you can stop by My Dream Canvas

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Riet!
It sounds like you had a nice time. I will be gong on vacation sometime this month too. I LOVE this mosaic! What beautiful clogs! My son brought back a small delft pair when he visited the Netherlands a few years ago. I treasure them.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Beautiful traditional wooden shoes. What a great mosiac.

BraCom (Bram) said...

Prachtige klompen en klompjes wie de schoen past trekt hem aan :-)
Ik heb er vroeger ook wel versleten, maar das al heeeel lang geleden...


Ann said...

Oh those blue ones are georgeous. I have a red pair I bought Holland (a bunch of years ago). happy blue monday

leavesnbloom said...


Ive always admired these clogs - so unique to Holland though I've never worn any myself. One of my friends has a pair of red ones. Lovely mosaics.

Catharina Maria said...

Een heerlijke foto reportage van prachtige klompen Riet .
Wat een kleuren zo bijelkaar , het spat van het scherm af , PRACHTIG !!!!!!!!!!

THEA said...

Prachtig Riet!!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Riet! Zo'n klompenmakerij is altijd leuk om te bezoeken. Wij hebben hier ook een klompen fabriekje gehad, misschien is hij er nog. Mijn dochter heeft al verschillende malen klompen meegenomen naar Australië. Ze zijn erg in trek.
Bedankt voor je bezoek! Prettige dag!