Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alphabe Thursday.


This week we need to study the letter X for Miss Matlocks class. Very difficult but I found something.

Here is my word : X-STITCH.

When I talk about my hobbies  I say X stitch is the most important because I have done that almost  all my life .  I had periods I did something else but I always come back to my stitching.  Several friends asked me to show some of my work. I have some left but most of it I gave away.  So here are just a few things I have put away and just found.  I will need to look for more.







This tablecloth took me forever  to finish. But it is just what I wanted. They are all different wildflowers which I love.


More wildflowers, I love them.



The photo´s are not very good but I wanted to show something.

More another time.


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Pamela Gordon said...

You have done some beautiful cross stitch patterns. The tablecloth is beautiful! I used to cross stitch a lot years ago but can't now as I have stiff joints in my thumbs and find it difficult to hold the needle. I don't do any handwork, just typing on the computer and taking photos. :) Have a great day! Pamela

Home and Lifestyle said...

Ik wist niet dat dit je hobby was, leuk Riet!

Ik wens je een fijne avond! Lieve groet, Ingrid

biebkriebels said...

Ik heb dat vroeger heel veel gedaan toen de kinderen klein waren en ik veel thuis zat, merklappen en zo. Heb het nu al heel lang niet meer gedaan, dat tafelkleed is erg mooi en je hebt het ook nog allemaal mooi ingelijst.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Beautiful work and great post for Alphabe ~ X ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Lola said...

Superb work - and blog!

Happy A-Thursday - and weekend!

"Création" said...

Ohhhh wat LEUK..... lieve Rietje
hier een aantal van jou werken
te zien, wat zijn ze mooi

En het tafelkleed vind ik
helemaal geweldig. Zie nog wat
lege vlakjes, hihi, dus ik denk
dat je daar heerlijk aan
verder gaat werken...???

Zo'n kleed staat echt
fantastisch op tafel.

Super mooi allemaal!!!

Veel liefs,

lissa said...

they're wonderful! I wish I could that but I'm not very good even just sewing on a button.

great x post. have a sweet day.

Anonymous said...

You are extremely talented! I love the wildflowers. :-)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

You've done some beautiful cross stitch. The tablecloth is lovely.

Pondside said...

I wish I'd thought of this one, Riet! Cross stitch is my love, as well - and like you, I've given most of it away. Right now I have three projects for Christmas, and they are nearly all done. I enjoyed seeing your work!

klaproos said...

ohh riet wat een vlijtige vrouw ben jij :-)

doe je het nog steeds ??

Anita said...

Oh wát ontzettend leuk Riet !!!!
Borduren is het enige wat ik kan en heb dat in het verleden heel veel gedaan. Totdat het een beetje UIT was om al dat soort werkjes op te hangen hihi ;-)
Ik zou het zo wéér doen maar wat doe ik ermee als het klaar is, vraag ik me dan af. Zo'n heerlijk en ontspannend werkje.
Dat tafelkleed is écht super !!!!
Wens je nog een hele fijne dag.
Groetjezz lfs mij

Juliëtte said...

Lieve Riet,

Wat een prachtige borduurwerken heb je gemaakt!
Dat is ook iets wat ik heel graag doe!
Ik moet er ook maar weer eens tijd voor maken!
Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je andere werken!

Veel liefs, Juliëtte

EG CameraGirl said...

Your cross-stitched work is beautiful, Riet. I didn't even think of photographing mine - maybe next time. ;))

lencilicious said...

You're such a talented woman. I love the tablecloth a lot. It is so beautiful.

Monica said...

Your work is terrific! I haven't done any X-stitch in a long time - I don't know if my eyes could stand it!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I used to embroider a long long time ago.

Those are beautiful!

Naperville Now said...

Riet -- the tablecloth is lovely. Do you use it or are you reluctant to do so? I have two of my mother's cross-stitched tablecloths. They are very precious to me.

Sue said...

My grandma taught me to cross stitch when I was a little girl, and your work is as lovely as hers was. (Mine left a little to be desired!)

You make me want to try it again. I especially love the way old sayings and quotes look when cross stitched!


Wateringen said...

Hay lieve Rietje,

Meisje wat kun jij mooi borduren!
Wat schattig al jou mooie kunstwerkjes zo
mooi ingelijst te zien...
Wat heerlijk om hier mee bezig te zijn, het werkt
zo ontspannend...

Dag meisje...ik wens je alle liefs,

debra said...

Oh MY , Riet...just beautiful! you are a very talented lady...I loved seeing these :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am not a needlewoman but I remember having to do x-stitch at school. your work is lovely.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I love to cross-stitch -- it's my favorite form of needlework! The projects you have shown are beautiful! Love the one of the two young girls.

Riet said...

ohhh wowww Riet,wat schitterend,ik ben hier zo weg van.
heb dit zoveel gedaan,maar door me ziekte kan ik het echt niet meer.
Ik wist echt niet dat dit ook je hobby was,
Heel erg.
prachtige gemaakt.

Liefs Riet.

Thuis bij Tjits said...

wat een heerlijke hobby Riet! ik heb dit vroeger ook veel gedaan en werd er zo lekker rustig van!

lieve groet, Tjits

Marie said...

Gorgeous pieces! I particularly love the tablecloth! Do you have Yesteryear's Embroideries on your blog list. You can find her on my sidebar. I think you will enjoy her blog!

VBR said...

Beautiful work. I love counted cross stitch and did it for many years. My eyesight changed drastically about 10 years ago and now, I need to change glasses to read/follow the pattern and then another pair for the actually stitching. A very tedious change. So, I haven't done a great deal of late.

Yours are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

Esther Joy said...

Love your wildflower tablecloth. When my Mother and Dad's house burned, one of the things that I hated for us to lose was a cross-stitched tablecloth!

Anonymous said...

Your tablecloth is amazing!

I did cross stitch for many years and still have most of it hanging in our home. I finally gave it up a few years ago when declining eyesight made it too difficult to do. Photography, photoshop, and blogging are my hobbies these days.

anitamombanita said...

Love the tablecloth. I don't have the patience...:(

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

You've done some very nice work. I used to enjoy X stitching, but my eyes no longer cooperate and it's much too difficult for me now.

clinnovo said...

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Jenny said...

That tablecloth is gorgeous!

I love all your work, though!

Today would have been my sister's birthday...she loved cross-stitch.

This was a lovely reminder of her!

Thank you for linking.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

You do such beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

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