Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alphabe Thursday.


This week we need to study the letter X for Miss Matlocks class. Very difficult but I found something.

Here is my word : X-STITCH.

When I talk about my hobbies  I say X stitch is the most important because I have done that almost  all my life .  I had periods I did something else but I always come back to my stitching.  Several friends asked me to show some of my work. I have some left but most of it I gave away.  So here are just a few things I have put away and just found.  I will need to look for more.







This tablecloth took me forever  to finish. But it is just what I wanted. They are all different wildflowers which I love.


More wildflowers, I love them.



The photo´s are not very good but I wanted to show something.

More another time.


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday, Tuesday.


It is Sunday again so time for another post. I went to the Rotterdam Arboretum this morning so all these photo’s are from there.

Today I am joining :

Mosaic Monday :

Blue Monday :

Mellow Yellow Monday:

Mandarin Orange Monday :

and Our World Tuesday :


Autumn leaves.




















A big thank you to all the hosts.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday and the weekend.


Every Thursday evening I need to hurry for my Friday memes.


But I have it ready for Skywatch Friday and that is the first I participate in for the weekend.


5-Onlangs bijgewerkt113




A few days ago we had this beautiful sunrise, the start of a  warm and sunny day




This is a view out of our window. Green and yellow trees in our neighborhood  and  behind

that is a view at  what we call the skyline of Rotterdam.




Weekend reflections and

The weekend in Black and White.



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Green Day :

Friday Fences :

Weekend Reflections :

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alphabe Thursday.


This Week we study the letter W for Ms Matlocks class. Several Words came to mind and I found some photo’s to go With them.

Last year We Went for a Walk in this park that is full of Willows. It is situated at a river. There was no Wind that day so no Waves on the Water.

With thanks to the WWW we have friends all over the World and isn’t that Wonderful.



2-Carnisse Grienden 068



1-Carnisse Grienden 026



3-Carnisse Grienden 062



4-Carnisse Grienden 085



5-23-10-2009, Carnisse Grienden1



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Thank you Jenny for making this happen every week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our World and Ruby Tuesday2.

Red is one of my favorite colors so I  like to participate in Ruby Tuesday2 as there  is always enough red to find in my world like this vintage chair that I have had for many years and the antique vase.
  A red plant in a pot and a vase with flowers make the room brighter in these darkening days. The hydrangeas I am trying to dry in that pot. I think they are doing well.

1-heel veel mooie luchten en rood1


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Sunday, October 21, 2012


After a few quiet days I am showing some  photo’s for different  Monday memes.
First for Mosaic Monday I want to show some vintage in my home.  Vintage is fashion they tell me.
And at my age I have plenty of that .

5-van alles wat in huis en sneeuw1

For the different memes I have:

First my queen Anne chair. Of course it has  had different upholstery over the years.

My Japanese teacups


The beautiful crystal glasses I gave my husband as an engagement present  53 years ago.
I have 4 wineglasses and 5 sherry glasses left.


And the beautiful hand painted Herend tea cups of the teaservice I have.


And another mosaic  with outside photo’s I made this week.
3-Onlangs bijgewerkt112

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Another week, another Friday. I have some photo’s to go with the different memes.

4-mooie bomen

This morning I saw this sunrise. The sky was all red. Beautiful. Glad I took this photo and right on time as two minutes later it was all gone and pouring with rain. 
Good for Skywatch Friday :

This photo I took not far from our home..
Good for Green Day :
  and Friday Fences :

This photo I took last year in Kinderdijk.
Good for Weekend Reflections :
and The Weekend in Black and White :
A thank you to all the friendly hosts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alphabe Thursday.

This week we study the letter V for Ms Matlocks class.
This weeks V is very special because I want to introduce you to a very special person, Gustav Vigeland.
There is a park in Oslo,Norway, that bares his name because it houses 212 sculptures of bronze and granite , all made by him. When we got there I could not believe  my eyes, it is absolutely stunning. It is an outside sculpture museum representing different stages in a human life. Unbelievably beautiful.
I didn’t get to see the whole park due to too little time and very sore feet Bedroefde emoticon( but I made as many photo’s as I could.
There are lots of photo’s and you tube films on the internet of the park and I picked one site that you REALLY should see. It has many photo’s of the Vigeland Park, Oslo.   Do go there! Also many other sites you can find on the net.

1-cruise drie9

Stunning right?

Down here I have some of my very favorites.

10-cruise drie10

On the bottom right photo you see a tower that is called the Monolith totem. It is 46,32 feet high and is composed of 121 human figures rising towards the sky.  It portrays a feeling of togetherness as the human figures embrace one another as they are carried towards salvation.
The photo’s are all mine, the words I found on the internet.










Now can you see that I was so stunned?
Gustav Vigeland died in 1943.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday memes.


Today I participate in colorful memes. So I have colorful photo’s to show.


4-cruise Europa 1




Orange, yellow , blue , lots of it in Kopenhagen.





And more of those colors near Dover.




And more colors in Honfleur, France.


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Blue Monday :

Whimsical Windows, Delirious  Doors :

Mosaic Monday :


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Thursday, October 11, 2012




The weekend is here again. Doesn’t time fly.

I am participating in several memes and here I have the photo’s.


4-parkje slotplein


For Skywatch Friday this sunset photo I took a few days ago from my window.

Here is the link :










The last two photo’s are for these other memes:

Friday Fences :

Green Day :

Weekend in Black and White :

Weekend Reflections:

Shadow Shot Sunday2 :

Sunday Bridges :


A big thank you to all the hosts.