Sunday, December 27, 2015

St Petersburg, Russia.

This year we went cruising again and visited St Petersburg, Russia, for the second time. I did post about the beautiful churches there  more than once but I still have photo's from one visit last year I never showed before. The Sts Peter and Paul cathedral. Beautiful on the outside but stunning on the inside. I made photo;s but in person it is so much more beautiful. I have never seen so much gold and artwork in a church. See for yourself.
The people on the photo's are all also visitors and tourists.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015


December in this country is usually cold but this year it is entirely different. We have not had any snow or ice. During the day most of the times it is around or above 10 degrees Celsius. Very strange.

Now, next week it is our 55th wedding anniversary and I remember 5 years ago we had the most ever snow falling in one night in this country. And that was the  day we were having our anniversary party. What a day.

I was looking through my photo's and memories came back. Thought I would show you some.

I usually don't show much from my private life but for once it is alright.

View from our window.

garden of the restaurant.

The next day
dh getting the car ready to get to the shops.

Me and all my men. I believe they were telling somebody to do a better job.;)))

Thank you.

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