Saturday, February 23, 2013





Due to health problems I haven’t been blogging and visiting this last week. I hope to get back  soon.

Now about my photo’s, wouldn’t it be nice to see all this again . I think we all are longing for spring and summer with all its colors. I know I am. What about you?


1-2010-06-27 theetuin de winde3



2-de Meituin 057



3-theetuin de winde 010



4-theetuin de winde 058


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Different memes.



While looking through my old collages to get some inspiration I found this one of our two granddaughters when they were about two and three years old.  Look at them now,  they are  15 and almost 14  and still beautiful  ( my opinion of course) :))) 


1-mark jarig 50


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skywatch Friday.


This morning we got this beautiful sky  It was just before the sun came up.

Would you believe an hour later the sky was all grey and again an hour later it was snowing . It was a terrible day with snow and rain and ice on the streets. Weather is changing all the time here. We are all hoping so much for  a bit of spring and sunshine but I am afraid we haven´t had enough winter yet.




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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday, Tuesday.


Since there is not so much to photograph outside at the moment I am going to show some more  of the crafts I made during the years. Somebody asked what the knitting was for, well,  it is going to be a scarf.

I am decluttering big time  and I have to get rid of loads of stuff.  I have two big baskets full of  beautiful wool , from years back also so I thought I had better do something with it.  Too good to throw out. The little bag I crocheted last week of very thick wool I had for ages. I found an old one I made some  40 years ago , the colors then  were brown and green. Not nice. The pillow cover I started a few years ago , I just had to crochet a few more rounds of the silk yarn to finish it. I also found some granny squares here and there so I am going to make some more for an afghan or so. 


1-Onlangs bijgewerkt125


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Friday, February 8, 2013



For Weekend reflections and pink Saturday I have some photo’s I made here in the house.  There is quite a bit of pink in it this time .

Friends asked me about my hobbies and why never showing something. I have been needle working most of my life, only quilting for about 7 years. What I have here is just a very little bit of what I made all these years. Most of what I made I gave away or it is stashed away. I have some quilts hanging in the house and I don’t like taking them down.  :)) I might make more photo’s some other time.


1-b oeduurwerkjes1


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skywatch Friday.



On some days we get a beautiful sunrise and sundown.  So also this week when the sky was not grey because of rain or snow. I always try to get my camera immediately because the sky changes every second .


1-Onlangs bijgewerkt124

The large photo is of the sunrise, the others of sundown.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday, Tuesday.


We are in the middle of a rain period  .It is raining now, it did rain last week and it will rain again this next week.

We went for a ride in the country because we thought it would be dry for a few hours. On one country road we were warned for overflowing water as it has rained so much. AS you can see on one photo you can see how high the water was. A bit later it started raining again as you can see on one geese photo. We were waiting for a ferry when these geese came walking by . They were probably seeing if there was any food coming from the cars waiting there in line.  So funny. Here are my photo’s to show. I made them from the car.



5-Onlangs bijgewerkt123








As you can see it had just started to rain. Sorry for the drops.




Waiting for the ferry.




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