Sunday, May 31, 2015

Old city Dordrecht.

Its been a while since I was here but sometimes life gets in the way .But here I am with a few new photo's.
A few days ago we had an appointment with somebody in one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands,  Dordrecht. It was founded around the year of 1220 .I heard it has a beautiful old city center so I took my camera of course. We didn't have much time and the weather was bad but I still could make a few photo's.

The photo's on he mosaic are of the big church . We  didn't have time to visit it  but I at least wanted to make  a few photo's.To my surprise there was a married couple with photographers and their bridesmaids and on the photo top left you can see how stormy it was. The bride almost lost her umbrella and the little bridesmaids were hanging on the wedding dress, lol. They had fun,tho.  lol.
The inside of the church must be very beautiful so I wil definitely go visit it one day.

This is the also very old townhall and such a beautiful building.I  didn't have  time to take more photo's from different  angles but will do that some day soon.

This is a beautifull old house. The old street is so narrow that I could not get it on  a photo standing right in front of it. Most streets in the old  center are car free , only people who need to be here for work have a permit. I suppose it will save the buildings.
This photo is taken from far so not really clear.
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday, Tuesday.

Last week was a busy one but I do have some photo's to share'.

This was last Sunday when we visited friends in the country. It was a rainy dreary day as  you can see but I thought the sight from  their home was beautiful. So hazy.

Apart from the left top photo  I made these during a walk in the neighbourhood.

The little ones being fed.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Kings birthday.

Last Monday it was our kings birthday. It is a public holiday in our country and it is celebrated with many festivities. In our city we have our yearly fair and freemarket. The freemarket used to be just for children to earn some money from selling the stuf they don't want any more. It grew to a hugh freemarket for everybody who wants to sell something .Many many people visit it and enjoy themselves. There is a lot to eat and drink of course and like every year we had beautiful sunny weather.
I made lots of photo's and I picked some to make a collage. From that collage I am going to pick a few which I thought were so funny or special.

Always on this special day some  bands and artists come to show the people a litte of their art.

Like these.

 these old guys playing  dixieland , my kind of music...

these colorfull people walking on stelts, don't know if that is the word.

and this couple  was hilarious.

kids having fun.

This group op ladies calling themselves the singing bathcaps, LOL
They had so much fun.

And another band with great music.

This guy had a good day. He had three little children in that box and had bought that little childrens bike and some toys for next to nothing. Good bargains always here on this day.

That's it.

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